Introducing the Audobox Privacy Case

Protect your privacy with our patent-pending Iphone case designed to prevent hackers from listening to your conversations and watching you through the cameras.

Covered Microphones

When the case is closed, every microphone is covered and therefore cannot track the users voice.

Covered Cameras

The front and back cameras are covered by the case when closed to ensure the most privacy for the user.

Easily Adjustable

The case is easily adjustable so the user can still use the cameras and microphones while the case is still on the phone.

Slim Design

This iPhones case feels and looks like other cases, but protects your privacy like none other.

Why Audobox?
Our patent-pending technology protects your right to privacy

You never know who is watching or listening through your smartphone. With AudoBox you may rest easy knowing that no matter how hard they try, hackers won’t be able to see or hear you through your smartphone.

Nobody should ever have to worry about big tech companies and/or hackers listening to the conversations you have in your free time. 

That is why AudoBox offers a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem. This phone case is designed with materials to protect the user’s privacy. AudoBox is a disrupter in the cybersecurity industry and guarantees the protection of privacy for iPhone users. 

AudoBox is committed to providing you with an extra layer of privacy through our proprietary technology. We accomplish this by preventing the phone’s microphones from collecting and tracking data from the user as well as covering the cameras. We have created the world’s first privacy protector phone case to ensure this protection.

Our revolutionary phone case has a sleek and modern design intended to not only protect your phone from fall damage but also to make your phone stand out from the crowd. At AudoBox, there is no compromising design for functionality. We believe in order to create the next best phone case in the industry, it was crucial to be leading the market in both.


We strongly believe that privacy is a fundamental right, and that everyone should feel safe around their phone. AudoBox exists to give every iPhone user the sense of privacy they deserve and to prevent hackers from seeing and listening to iPhone users.

Our mission is to change the way consumers deal with cybersecurity and the protection of their privacy.


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We are still in the prototyping stage but it will be durable enough to withstand the average drop.

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